Message for 23rd march and Shab e Miraj Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W)


Shabe e Meraj is a day when our prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH went to meet Allah, Muslims in the world share Shabe Meraj status all around the world, Muslims also recite Shabe Meraj ka wazifa in this night, Shabe Miraj is a blessing for Muslims, children eagerly ask their parents Shab e Meraj kab hai, Shab e Meraj naat are the most popular thing to what they listen, Shab e Meraj ki naat are recited and Muslims pay tribute to their tribute like this and also remember Allah by discussing Shab e Meraj ki fazilat, Shabe Meraj ki ibadat is the most blessed deed to be done this night, books like Shab e Meraj ka waqia, Shab e Meraj ki raat are also read. Shabe Meraj ke status are also updated by Muslims on Whatsapp and other social websites. Pakistanis enjoyed 23 march parade 2019 but this year on 23 march there will be no parade due to corona virus in Pakistan, 23 march song will be launched and 23 march status will also be updated by Pakistanis. Books like 23 march ko kya hua tha will also be shared on this day by elders. 23 March Whatsapp status will be interesting this year on 23 march 2020. Sad thing is there will be no 23 march tablo song due to corona virus Pakistan threat. Last year Pakistanis watched 23 march 1931 Shaheed full movie, 23 march parade 2018 had a blast 2 years back. 23 March speech in Urdu will also be done by Prime Minister Imran khan but we will miss 23 March parade this year due to corona virus and also parade and air show. | | | | Pinterest/WebulousClub #LockDownPakisan #CoronaFreePakistan #COVIDー19 #WebulousClubVidoes

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