Dajjal connection with Pakistan

This world is going through a drastic situation that could have been experienced a century ago. Corona Virus has limited us to our homes, humanity is facing a strange lock down in the history. Human has to realize Dajjal (The AntiChrist) and HAARP has come into discussion in lot of circles and things are happening here and there, its time we should return to our lives to our people and care for each other as Imam Mehdi (A.S) will be our new leader our new rehbar. http://www.Webulous.club | Fb.com/webulousclubonline | YouTube.com/webulousclubvideos | Instagram.com/webulous.club | Pinterest.com/WebulousClub #CoronaInPakistan #Dajjal #LockDownPakisan #CoronaFreePakistan #COVIDー19 #WebulousClubVidoes #CoronaVirus #Pakistan

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