How to become a successful Businessman

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In today’s video, we will discuss with you What makes a successful business man and the true story behind his/her success. Behind a successful business man is a lot of work, which goes unnoticed by people. Rather, people focus on what kind of car you own, what kind of house you have, how much money you have, how many luxuries you have, etc. They look at how lavish your lifestyle is. But remember that before you are able to obtain such luxuries and extravagance, you have to work very hard and vigorously.

You aren’t aware of how a transport company’s owner started his business from driving a simple cycle rickshaw. You aren’t aware of how the owner of an airline company, began the dawn of his career by only selling tomatoes from his stall. You don’t know how a person selling tooth powder from a mere bicycle became one of the biggest billionaires in today’s day and age.

You don’t see things from the point of view of a common laborer, a person operating a lathe machine, somehow manages to become the owner of a factory worth hundreds of thousands. and how big of a change enters into this person’s life. All of this is only possible due to one’s motivation, and hard work. Without these two key elements, you cannot achieve anything. To achieve success, there is a simple formula. The first step is to improve your skills.

After improving your skills, find a way to prove yourself (as in evidence for your skill sets). Then, after you are able to prove yourself, you have to start ‘upgrading’ yourself, step-by-step. And after you manage to ‘upgrade’, then you should start a project on your own. Alright. Also, this is something that will definitely need a lot of time and attention. This cannot happen in the span of a few months or in the span of a single year. Development takes years.

Some people say, that whenever you start a business at any point in your life, then you should have a ten year target. And in these ten years, the amount of effort and work you manage to put in, then, by the will of Allah, will pay off within five years, and allow you to achieve whatever you need. Hence, nothing happens overnight, a concept we should all understand, You must work hard, work your fingers down to the bone, and develop whatever skills you have. And implement those skill sets in such a way where you are able to mentally and physically train & coach yourself to overcome whatever hurdles may come your way.

You will keep training and developing yourself, as time goes by. Keep in mind, that you have to become successful in your business. And obviously, our jobs, no matter how great it may be, there is a time where your employer relieves you from your occupation (which is unavoidable). We have to return whatever benefits we’d received, such as a car or a house. You don’t actually own any of those things. So the wise thing for you to do here is that during the time where you are doing well, you manage to build or invest in something which has any sort of value for yourself. To develop and plan something which is worthy and beneficial for you.

Something that will work in your favor in the near or far future. So my friends, this is the truth in which you must believe in, as nothing can be achieved without hard work, improving your skill sets, and then converting your skill sets. In order to apply them practically in your business. And yes, one thing you should always remember is that if you want someone to invest money in your project, pique a potential client’s interest, then the first thing you must do is prove yourself to the investor or client. Until you’re able to prove yourself, nobody will believe in you nor want to partake in your business/project. Uh, for example, a person wants to start a produce business (fruits and vegetables) or open a market selling produce. And they bring & propose this idea to big investors, then maybe these big investors and businessmen won’t be interested in his/her idea.

But, If they aren’t able to convince the big players, then you should start with a smaller investment for your business/project. And in six months or maybe in a year, you will manage to achieve a break even. Only then, will you be able to prove yourself, after being able to provide facts and figures, and having a proper set-up in which you are able to promote your business/project. This will allow you to prove yourself to people that this can be possible. In conclusion, this is the easiest way in which you can implement in promoting your new business, promoting your new ideas.

When we meet again, if Allah wills it, in our next video, which will be uploaded next week, Take care of yourselves. Signing off, may Allah keep you safe. | | |

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